Meet Becca

Meet Becca

Welcome to Soul Song Counseling


Becca Hart, Licensed Professional Counselor


Before you decide on a counselor to meet with, you may of course want to know a little more about my own journey towards a career in counseling and why mental health and psychology became my educational and professional path.


First, the personal stuff about me.


I’m from a small town in Georgia, but that didn’t stop me from thinking big! In fact, I knew I wanted to move to Colorado because of the mindset that supported my journey in good physical and mental health. So in 2006 I took the leap and flew to Denver with two suitcases in hand. I knew I was headed in the right direction- my intuition told me so. I just didn’t know how my life would unfold. I knew I wanted to be in the helping profession, as that seed had been planted a long time before. Soon enough, it all began to come together.


I had a journey too.


Everyone goes through their own share of personal struggles and even trauma. Even your counselor is not excused from this mandate in life. Yes, it’s true. Though I maintain a level of confidentiality about my personal history, and yours of course as well, it’s fair to say that every single person has some level of trauma from just the act of living. From both my personal, educational, and professional experience, counseling helps heal life trauma. I feel honored to be in the position to help you get to a point of healing as well. In a safe space, with a trusted confidante.




I am acutely aware that negative life experiences can have a profound impact on how we view the world. Due to my understanding of the pervasive nature of trauma, I set out to find a therapeutic modality that was not only impactful to me on a personal level, but also something I thought would benefit my clients. That is when I found Brainspotting. Brainspotting (BSP) is a type of therapy designed to help people access, process, and overcome trauma, negative emotions, and pain, including psychologically induced physical pain. As a Brainspotting practitioner, I have found this approach be an effective form of treatment for a variety of mental health concerns.


My mottos are:

  1. We are always changing and I will always meet you where you are, without placing my own agenda on your healing process. I promise to incorporate various healing modalities to match your unique journey.
  2. We are partners in this process. I might be an expert in the field of mental health counseling but you are the expert in your life. I get the privilege of walking alongside you as we navigate. Together.
  3. No judgment here. I know trauma cannot be universally classified as ‘big’ or ‘small’. Trauma is subjective, and it is all about how we perceive a situation in the moment that it occurs. My goal is to help you positively process your reaction to the memories.


And, just a few last things you might not know about me…

I am the proud mother of a beautifully hilarious and charming young daughter, Laurel. Also, you may have guessed by my tagline urging you to “find your soul song” that I am a huge music lover. In fact, I have attended over 500 live music performances and intend to keep that number rolling. I hope to meet with you soon. Here for you, Becca.

Becca’s rate is $230.00 per clinical hour.


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