About Soul Song Counseling

Somewhere along the way, you lost your voice.

If you’re like so many of us, it starts little by little. You feel a little “off”… Then you feel a lot “off”… You begin to experience life differently. The lens through which you see the world has changed. You are now living a life you don’t recognize. One that doesn’t make your soul sing.

Counseling with someone you trust is a way to finally regain yourself.

You are your number one priority. You might think it’s your family, your work, or just staying afloat each day. But, the place you have to (have to!) start is right here with taking care of your heart. As soon as you do, you’ll notice doors of opportunities opening, and growing slivers of light where there was only darkness before.

You can heal from past pain, current pain, and secure a place to hold your pain through counseling with a caring professional. If your feelings resemble depression, anxiety, grief, incredible stress, apathy, or you’re running so high on perfectionism that there’s no room for any error in your life, my office at Soul Song Counseling in Denver is always open to your journey.

Your feelings matter.

In fact, YOU matter. So much. In counseling, we seek connection and understanding. And, we learn together and confirm (and affirm!) your extremely valid feelings. It’s so important to have an avenue to express yourself and process emotions. You deserve to be heard. Support from a compassionate professional can help you regain your strength to face challenges in your life and overcome them.

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